Documentary photography project LIFE IN ONE CIRCLE was created to capture and share photo stories about families living abroad. Why do families choose to move to a different country? Do they maintain any bonds with their native land? What are their daily lives in the new place of residence? Do they feel there as locals or strangers?



What intrigues us, is – why the same country urges one family to leave while attracting another to move there? Therefore, selected participants are joined in sort of a chain that will eventually form a circle.


  • The first story is about Latvian family in the United Kingdom.
  • Next one is about Vietnamese family living in Latvia.
  • Followed by a family that has moved to Vietnam from elsewhere (currently searching for that).
  • After reaching 10-12 families, the circle will close with a British family, living outside the UK.


That makes this photo project almost like a game – not knowing, to which parts of the world this adventure will take us. It all depends on the origins of families that will cross our path.


And, last but not least – there are tons of opinions out there about international migration and about people who choose to leave their home country in search for a better life. A lot of them based on snap judgement, blind trust in media and fear of the unfamiliar. By introducing others to the participants of LIFE IN ONE CIRCLE – real families – and by sharing their experiences (on our blog and social feeds, in international exhibitions and eventually, in a book), we hope to increase tolerance and understanding. We do want to show the world that we are all equal as humans and beautifully unique in our differences. We each have our story.