We are two photographers from Latvia. Harijs Daina Liepins and Laura Appena. Dad and daughter.


We were both born in September. About two decades apart.


We grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same school. So did one famous Olympic medallist.


As kids, we both hated mushrooms. Practically all Latvians eat mushrooms. And pick them in forests. Our grandmas promised us a coin to try just one spoon.


We both started clicking the shutter in our early twenties. Photographed people's backs a lot. Until finally building up the courage to capture the faces.


We have had solo and group exhibitions of our street photography series in Latvia. Harijs also internationally.


Both being perfectionists, we tend to “ping-pong” our photos and ideas to each other, until we both approve.


We both had long-term desk-jobs in marketing. We traded those for freelance photography. We photograph people. And we tell their stories.

Harijs Daina Liepins

Laura Appena